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Re: Huge Outfits and PlanetSide 2

Isn't it intrinsic within the size of the continent population? I mean, cont pop has scaled up from PS1 (by 3-4) and therefore shouldn't the active outfits?

It's ironic. If outfits want an identity they have to grow to the point to which individual identity is lost.

Outcasters generally roll with several squads, maybe 30 people on an average day maximum. We generally achieve stuff, but I'd say we don't have the impact that we would in PS1 with those numbers (to be expectd).

What we have started to do over the past few weeks is cooperate with other outfits, Rffnex and BMC.

We organise our ts servers so that a couple of people from each outfit can communicate and we coordinate our attacks.

I would like to see a PS2 that had outfits working together in alliances and retaining their identity than outfits breaking up and forming a mega-outfit.
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