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Re: Huge Outfits and PlanetSide 2

I always thought that the devs goal was to eventually just have massive outfits fighting each other.
Imagine if they could eventually have these outfits with 666 representatives each starting at their warp gates on a neutralized continent.
They battle it out until there is either one clear winner or a time limit is reached.
All streamed live to those who are willing to fork out for a PPV.
Anything for a $.

There is no room for smaller outfits in that model.

We dont suffer from it as much on Briggs.
We seem to have a lot of very small outfits who are not so much interested in the objectives but farming kills.
To be fair there probably isnt a great deal else for them in the game anyway, even if there was it probably wouldnt change anything for some of them.

I've seen /orders get used a bit for recruitment seeing as that functionality is easier to get that some basic upgrades.

I have no idea how the massive outfits run but is it safe to say that their new recruits are there simply as a controlled zerg?
No real community early on but a zerg you can direct which will in turn pick up others along the way.
In the end just overwhelming points with pure numbers.
Perhaps closer well known members go off and do something a little more tactical or entertaining elsewhere while the zerg rolls.

It could end up being very limited servers with half a dozen continents where the outfits are so large that there is only a few on each faction but they basically are the factions.
There would be enough of them to fill each continent.
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