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Re: Huge Outfits and PlanetSide 2

The zerg is an effective tactic.


Facing a zerg head on, or even hunkered down, is not going to have any different result than what has been demonstrated time and time again in history. One of the things that works as a weakness, is the lack of real time command and control with such a large element. If, for instance, several factional outfits decided to do what actual unit's in an army would do...establish and coordinate defensive lines, determine priority targets for heavy ground and air assets, and use flanking elements to disrupt and isloate the zerg...I dunno. It's something I would love to see.

Problem is, with those smaller outfits, you will have a hard time keeping real time command and control. Noone wants to listen to some other guy in game. Developing and executing startegic campaigns is a very real include developing operational plans for the inevitable zerg surge. It requires a lot of factional cooperation on the server, and THAT I just don't see happening.
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