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I wish people would stop saying that. Yes, PS1 existed for 10 years. Doesn't mean they spent working on the game all those years. And in fact they didn't.

Yea poorly quoted quote on my part, it was 6am in the morning an I had been up for almost 24 hours, brain wasn't fully oxygenated. I meant 8-10 years of running, with the 3-4 years of actual game dev content. The lattice system was not up during beta it took a while before implementation, somewhere during the first year after launch, even then still had plenty of tweaking an fixes after.

Still PS1 had a metagame, with clear idea of reward/structure ability for commanders, not simply just the mantle to whomever decided to bark the orders an spent 100 certs to use /order. They had additional tools to mark + draw on the map for all the faction to read, communicate in a separate channel, as well had skills an functions with the CT to affect the actual battlefield.

Reading the map could give anyone an idea of how the battlers were going, hotspot battle markers turned up relatively quick an updated themselves fairly soon if things rapidly changed. You could tell how much of a base was compromised by looking at the map, you could see the outlying facilities (ie towers) that were under enemy control, all the way from the sanctuaries.

This game is completely new-player unfriendly. Pick your faction, get a brief debriefing then pretty much instant action right into a meatgrinder battle. You don't drop down on friendly lines, just right into the meatgrinder, no idea of what does what, no class selection, no loadout review, no keybind setups. Simply thrown to the wolves. I have had many fellow gamers, first time planetside/fps players that have downloaded the game at my word of it being a great game, only to never bothered with the title again after that first experience. It strikes me the only ones who manage to stick with it, are players who have a friend waiting in game for them to act as a mentor/guide, experienced FPS twitch players that can adapt quickly to the environment. Even then, I've still had 4 fps experienced friends never look back to this title, due to a clear lack of game direction, information, customization, or variety.
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