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Re: Huge Outfits and PlanetSide 2

The Guard is in a bad place atm. Not my place to say how bad or anything, but this situation with the game cannot persist and something must budge, or small tactical outfits that pride ourselves on personal skills and group tactics over large numbers will slowly, but most certainly cease to exist.

This is as close to an ultimatum as I ever want to make, but it needs to be said:

Higby, Clegger and those that ran with us, do something... anything that shows us you're not putting a knife in our back. We showed you our tactics, we had you on comms with us, in squad with us and in our outfit in beta. You know how important personal skill is to us, and this situation just smacks of using all of that against small outfits like ours. Now, more than ever, prove to me that I'm wrong.

Dont give me a reason to say I told you so. I voiced displeasure when it was mentioned any of you joined our outfit. Was I right? Did we make a mistake with that?

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