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Originally Posted by Archonzero View Post
This game is completely new-player unfriendly. Pick your faction, get a brief debriefing then pretty much instant action right into a meatgrinder battle. You don't drop down on friendly lines, just right into the meatgrinder, no idea of what does what, no class selection, no loadout review, no keybind setups. Simply thrown to the wolves. I have had many fellow gamers, first time planetside/fps players that have downloaded the game at my word of it being a great game, only to never bothered with the title again after that first experience. It strikes me the only ones who manage to stick with it, are players who have a friend waiting in game for them to act as a mentor/guide, experienced FPS twitch players that can adapt quickly to the environment. Even then, I've still had 4 fps experienced friends never look back to this title, due to a clear lack of game direction, information, customization, or variety.
Let's be fair though. PS1 didn't have a great tutorial system when it first came out either. I'm hoping that is something devs are actively working on with PS2. At least the delivery system for it. They put together the new player experience pretty quick in PS2 (we didn't see it throughout beta). But I do agree, it's not good to have these bad new-player experience as they don't help hook players into the game. PS1 had the same issues.
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