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Re: Huge Outfits and PlanetSide 2

One major problem with the game in a whole not just outfit size. Is that in PS1 most of all the bigger bases where in enclosed arieas that forced people out of there tanks/aircraft. The it was hallway defence/potrolls. I miss those most of all because some of those hallway fights where some of the best fights ever in the entire history of planetside. The PS2 bases all of them are way to open and every spawn room is spamable by aircraft/tanks. At least in PS1 people would either kill the Spawn Tubes or kill the base genarator to stop the spawning there. Shure some on the new bases have the SCU but on the smaller outposts there is a masive spawn camp every time.
And again I go back to slowly moveing about madness, Wandering Mania.
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