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Re: Huge Outfits and PlanetSide 2

Posted this in my own thread, but it sank like a stone. In hindsight, my post probably came off as a little bit hostile...

In any case, the issue I see regarding large outfits and/or Zergs is the resources they can bring to the table.

Resources are tied to individuals and not to territory. Sure, you get resource bonuses for having more territory, but think about it...

It IS possible for a faction to have NO territory on a continent, but produce more resources than a faction that controls all the territory, simply by having more population. That and the Warpgate gives you access to everything. So a zerg can form at the warp gate, load up on force multipliers (vehicles, etc...) and begin the crawl across the map.

As far as I can see from playing, the devs could make a new map that has 3 warpgates and just provide interesting terrain for the 3 factions to battle in. To me the current territory has that much significance...

The only real advantage that I can see for the current facilities, is having a spawn point for vehicles that is closer to the front lines, so one doesn't have to drive all the way from the Warpgate.
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