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Yep, making artillery a pain in the ass and unenjoyable is not the solution. Making it more 'realistic' doesn't address the standing gameplay issues that people have with artillery. The problem is that its indirect combat with a low skill ceiling that has the potential to deny large groups of players in an area from engaging in actual skilled gameplay. We need to address that first.
I totally agree with this one.

I'd love the idea of artillery being in the game from a realism point of view, but I would hate the idea of people just running around and then exploding because someone 4km away fired a shell randomly at an area. (In PS1 they were generally used to fire at a vehicle terminal over and over and over.....exciting stuff ).

There is nothing players can do against that, so until that bit is fixed I think the idea is dead from a gameplay perspective.

On the same note as artillery PS1's orbital strike is also sucky for the same reasons. With that there is no warning, no Star wars 1 style graphics of the bad guy's spaceship lining up its shot to an area, no increasing drama of the mega weapon about to be used, just a column of light and blat your gone.
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