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Re: Planetside 2 ruined Battlefield

Yeah here too spoiled by PS2, I've been playing the battlefield saga since Battlefield 1942 and here I stand, not giving a cent for BF4, I know for sure I would leave it after maybe not even 100 hours of gameplay, played the beta and felt so shallow, the things I enjoyed the most were some cool attachments like 2 scopes from which you can toggle one or another and thaaat's it, didn't like the gun's feeling nor the game speed, Wth, no battlefield was that arcade.
Still I only played the beta so I won't say more, and where is my JETPACK?!?!

Planetside 2 light assault won't let me go! and what about the Infiltrator cloak!

Seriously ^_^

There is one thing I really dislike about BF and the likes is the DLC pay model, I don't want to pay for standalone stuff, I want the coregame to be improved and upgraded, instead they sell you this stuff that is entirely removed from the main game, new modes only on the new maps, special server rotation which makes your friend unable to join you if they miss the DLC and all that comes with it, I mean wtf!

Planetside 2 instead is in continue growth, with a metagame mostly evolving and driven by players ( sunderer placement, approaching territories, exploiting terrain and tactics )
we need GUs mostly to not let the gameplay become stale or boring on the long term (even though it's always fresh and free), we should make a thread for the One-year anniversary showing how much the game changed over the course of the year and how much the quality of life improved :>

On a last note I'll add that I never ever knew about this whole "Planetside" awesome thing until the very day of release on Steam,
I used to play (A LOT) Warhammer Online, an MMORPG Realm vs Realm full pvp 24/7 with a looooot of stuff that made it into this game,
at the time that game was already dead (it's closing in 1 month, GG EA & MYTHIC! it's free until then, try it out)
but not the love that it burnt my hearth
Permanent maps, endless enemies to fight, Different "skills" and features between factions, Inter-Guilds competitions, Duels!
Complex rvr system, and last but not least FREEEEEEDOOOOOM, to go where you want, to fight how you want, to play alone or by group, to lead or to follow.. leaderboards and respect between enemies and allies, a LOT of people to meet and talk to (also a good chance to train my english hah!), All of this stuff found it AGAIN in Planetside 2.
with a WAY better Development

Yep I love this game, it's the game I always wanted

Ofcourse it's not all roses and we're always Hyped for something,
Amerish Revamp i'm looking at you right now!
But seriously, there is nothing out there like this, the True MMOFPS!

Way to go SOE, you promised us support until 2025!
Don't you dare let me down

Zealot Inside

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