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Lightbulb (POLL) Win Condition

***Please read the post before answering the poll*****

I always wondered what the player base thought about an empire actually "winning" the game.

Assuming there was a balanced way of allowing an empire to finally take over and win the world, would you want it?

One of the things i really disliked about planetside 1, was the fact that taking over a continent had no lasting effect. You would login, where your empire has 5-6 continents taken over and you just took over the 8th. The next day, you login and only control 2-3 continents.


Someone, or a group of people, back hacked and took over a bunch of bases overnight. Everyone was off line and nobody was there to prevent it.

Here's my idea, if anyone is interested in this type of thing:

I have no idea how fast continents can be captured in planetside 2, but the idea is that you would be able to capture a continent and prevent it from being hacked for a short while. It would allow your army to engage and take over a second continent more easily.

There are three empires in the game specifically to prevent one empire from dominating. So one empire would still need to dominate two empires. It should still be very hard to do this.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, right?

So the game would still be balanced, it would just have an over-arching incentive. A very difficult, yet feasible incentive.

Now the big question...

So what happens AFTER an empire takes over the world?

****This is my own, balanced(?) idea. This has nothing to do with the poll itself.***

There would be a short 10-20 minute break, where everyone in the world knows an empire took over. All players in that empire would be rewarded extra XP based on how much they participated.
So, lets say Vanu owns 1 out of 4 continents when you login. Eventually Vanu took over the world, in the course of a few days or whatever it might be. You fought as Vanu on 2/4 of those continents, so you would get a nice big XP boost.

This would prevent player from joining the eventual take-over and getting a large sum of XP. You would have to be a participant from the beginning to get full XP. Other empires get other bonuses too such as "last defense" if you where the final hex/base to get taken, so its best to stay in the fight.

After all of this, the world would simply be reset to original positions(aka launch day) and the battle continues.

I personally feel it would be very challenging to accomplish this, and it might not happen ever or for a very long time. But simply having this as a possibility gives the game a nice over-arching goal to all the players.

There could also be a side-game, such as suggested in this thread:

I would personally enjoy a straight on "win", but this is also a neat idea.

What do you guys think?

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