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Re: "We need a hacker!" - Give LA class the Rek

Originally Posted by The Degenatron View Post
You are entitled to you personal opinion, but it is a personal opinion. Just because you wouldn't play that way doesn't mean no one else would.

The idea is to give the LA alternate play-styles. If you don't want to be a run-and-gun LA, then don't. If you don't want to be a hacker, then don't. If you don't want to be a squad leader, then don't. But I think the LA should encompass all of these roles because it fits the mold.
But isn't that YOUR personal opinion? It's not hard and fast facts.

If I was a military strategist, and I wanted to design a perfect advanced electronic warfare agent to whom I would give a hacking device, I would want it to be an infiltrator. That way, I could gain the flexibility of either rushing the base to hack it (not using the cloak) or sneaking in and sabotaging the base should a head-on assault be unwise. Why would you want to give a hacker a jetpack when his primary objective involves him sitting in one place for some time? Unless the point where he had to stand would be difficult to reach, there isn't much of one.

I understand the general concept of what you're saying, but It's not like these soldiers are the ones writing the code to hack into the base. That would take far too long. They don't need to be smart to use the pre-programmed buttons that say 'hack base' or 'deploy eCountermeasures.' They're not battlefield computer programmers, they're specialists.

I much prefer the concept of guerrilla warfare LA. Also, it has been said (somewhere, can't remember where) that the LA will have the shortest TTK out of all the classes. This means that your FMJ metaphor is more likely to have the FMJ character using the LA profile and whoever the other character is to use one of the support characters (engineer most likely.)

I think what would fit best as an alternate role would be turret/other engineer deployables disabler. The Jetpacks can get them to the walls quickest and they are likely to be the first into the fight, so playing a role as a counter-engineer would suit them really well.

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