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Re: Another Artillery Thread

Thanks Igs, I now understand your post! (I used bloviating because I thought it was funny... I need to touch up on my sense of humor...) I am just teasing you, I wish they had like a sarcasm mark, lol.

What if we used airdropable one time artillery thingy. It could be a cert for the galaxy or something. Being able to drop a squad, a vehical, and an artillery peice for a seige in one go would be cool. Would be like a battlefeild bad company artillery peice, just it could only be used once. Though having it be a one timer is kinda lame so it might be better to give a huge cooldown instead.

Though, I don't see why we wouldn't just have a dedicated towable artriller peice for the sunderer, or a cert for an attached one as I have said earlier.
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