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Re: Another Artillery Thread

Yeah, except the raven would drop a SUPER machine gun that has insane range and splash damage. I should mod that... Artillery Wars! Seige tanks and and ravens with airdropable stuff. You can't build anything so it forces players to be smart with their stuff, a dream game for me... off topic.

I never liked how the artillery in BF bad comp had a set range that was so small. It would be cool if the air droped artillery peice had to have a range layed out within a max radius, the laze would reveal areas and allow for more acurate shooting, but you could still shoot blindly on a fuzzed out mini targeting map with coridinates. This would make it more balanced, and still alow it to function withought a laze(Someone could call out cordinates over chat channel)but still give at advantage when a target is lazed. Should it be reloadable? If so, should it have a specifc type of ammo you can purchase through resources and have the price multiply every time you by more ammo? That would hamper people just spamming artillery shells. Or would you just have to resupply it from a galaxy or something. Should it be able to be towed, or moved otherwise, or should it be stuck in place? How much damage should it cause? Should it be able to deal different kinds of damage through different ammo(EMP, Anti vehical, Ammor Pericing shrapnel, smoke, standard, etc) or should this be more of a tactical peice, just firing ammo that does no damage but gives bonuses to allies fighting in that area(ammo drops, medkits, grenades, etc.) Or should their be two types of airdropable artllery, one that does damage and one that shoots ammo resuplys?
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