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Re: need suggestions for TR MAX

TR AV starts and ends with the Fractures. I love them with my life, and they have saved said life on multiple occasions.

Lockdown is good for AV, but very situational. Most of the time you will have to stay mobile and duck behind a ridge to repair, because you cant stand toe to toe with a tank if you're not moving.

The ROF is good, but where they really shine is in long range attacks. If you get a few of your buddies, you can hold a ridge against an entire column if you have good support players around you.

Ironically enough if youre good its actually not useless against infantry either!

As for AI, I have dual mercies. I think they are good overall and shine in longer ranges, but the drawbacks are smaller magazine size (extended mags are almost a must have) and max v. max battles are difficult since most of that will take place in CQC.

I would agree that having specialized max loadouts are much better than trying to split between 2 different styles of weapons. Maxes (should be) fairly situational for the most part, so you will be pulling them for a specific purpose. That purpose will be severely hampered if you are fighting with literally one arm.

I also agree that having an engi will turn a max from a severe annoyance into a mobile wave of destruction. It is much better to have 4 maxes and 4 engis than 8 maxes. When we pull our max squads, we usually go 5 MAX, 5 Engi, and 2 medics to keep the engis alive. Very effective. So make friends with your support players!
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