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An XP change in GU13

With GU13 coming up really soon, I figured I'd give you guys a small peek into what's going to happen with it. I told Hamma at MLG I would give him the scoop on what I was working on, so here it is:

Imagine you're a pilot and you're gunning down a rival pilot. To your dismay, you see your victim hop out and fall to his death, robbing you of the satisfaction of killing him, but more importantly, the kill xp.

With the new changes, these dishonorable pilots will be no more. Such a move will grant you the kill and the XP. It will keep track of the last enemy to do damage to them, and will grant it if a suicide happens within X seconds. (X to be determined by design and is not up to me.)

This also applies to infantry and logging off. Shoot a guy and then he jumps off a cliff? XP and a kill for you. Pilot logs off after taking damage? XP and a kill for you.

See you in the skies,
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