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Re: Update Notes 06/26 Continent Locking and Hossin

Originally Posted by War Barney View Post
The words nerfed into oblivion would normally be taken as a complaint that its been nerfed too much. You seem to be back-tracking now and trying to paint me in a bad light because you realise you're wrong.

Thats not very constructive, or polite.
so you didn't pay attention to the liberator nerf? and that the tail and nose are also getting nerfed? also all ammo capacities were reduced 70% and the armor resistances were reverted to pre-update level.

liberator got the same treatment that harasser did. it went from being over buffed to over nerfed. i'm not even sure "nerfed into oblivion" is harsh enough. new players can't even use it anymore, only the few teams that specialized in it before the changes, sinking 25,000+ certs in while it was viable have continued to use it. there are maybe 6 teams per server that still play it, anyone else in a lib is a noob that doesn't know not to try.

i never said what you claimed that i did, and i don't need you to take my words for anything except what is plainly written. that is the point of written language. i'm not backtracking in any way, i explained what i wrote again, since perhaps english is not your native language. you can make all the posts you like that copy my words and try to mock me but i will simply respond seriously and earnestly.
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