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Re: Update Notes 06/26 Continent Locking and Hossin

Originally Posted by GTGD View Post
The imbalance is real but I don't think it's because of the weapons and vehicles, this time it's the population of the server Emerald. VS has many large and highly skilled outfits, the NC has a few, and the TR has...3 or 4?

With so much disorganization it's not at all fun to fight against coordinated tactics, so you can't really blame them for avoiding the better outfits. And since ones like GOKU are good at popping up all over the place, it makes them discouraged for going anywhere near VS territory.

There is no easy solution, what the TR needs is better players and leadership. That doesn't come from a patch.
This is not the case at all. Skills and organization is not a problem for any Emerald faction. Did you see the Server Smash? That's standard Waterson-style alert. Organized, combined arms and lots of daring last second resecures (It's like most alert there is decided in the last 5 minutes ). The only difference is there are more players on the fight.

Anyway, Vanu trait is high accuracy and suppression fire. In other continents, this trait can be mitigated/countered with skills/organization because it is open spaced and more or less flat lands.

Hossin is a totally different animal. Some Hossin traits that heavily favor Vanu:

- Tiered elevations = increased shooting angles that favors the accurate/long ranged weapons
- Small hiding spots that favored accurate weapons and suppression fire modes.
- Multiple doorways on on large capture point rooms
- Hills, elevation accessible only to the Magrider.
- Limited road pathways and Sundy parking that favor accurate AV weapons.
- Large trees that more or less limit combined arms gameplay.

If you have 5 rocks facing each other. VS will win due to accurate weapon and their suppression fire Lashers and Maxes and pretty much every accurate guns.

I'll give you another example. Hossin capture points normally have an inner balcony. That elevation will favor suppression fire heavy and accurate weapons.

NC Maxes has to defend multiple doors that can be C4ed while VS Maxes can keep their distance. Lashers alone will seal the deal, defensively on those doorways.

Hence, I argue removing the most glaring imbalance as a baseline, focusing on removing the Lasher first and disallowing VS Magriders to climb on normally inaccessible hills. Then move on from there if other changes are necessary.

As it is, Emerald Hossin has VS running NC alt OPS to keep the Hossin equilibrium ( I find that hilarious and stupid at the same time ). Trying to manipulate the situation so problems can't be identified and solved won't solve it, obviously.

And worse, as a result, NC and TR are at each other's throat in that incredibly amazing horizontal North lane (Chac lanes :O), obliterating each other with joyous frenzy, while VS are practically begging people to fight them.

A funny thing happened yesterday which is very telling. A TR hex was cut off and NC was assailing it, resulting in fun last stand scenario for the oppressors. Vanu, nowhere connected with the Hex, came charging with Magriders The first reaction by NC/TR is 'Vanu get out of our fight'.

So, yeah if you want this to continue, ignore the symptoms. I just logged out as VS was about to cap Hossin again. We tried to defend the NC warpgate but with 42% VS Hossin population, it can't be done.

TR and NC was pissed off on the north lanes because VS is ruining their fun. it's funny VS is close to capping and there's still a big fight between the TR/NC at the north horizontal lane.
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