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Dangerous Operations Group {DOG} is actively recruiting for Planetside 2.
We are on the East Coast Server - Mattherson.
Outfits Vacancies exist for EST Prime Time 2000 Hrs (8pm) to 2300 Hrs (11pm).

Dangerous Operations Group is an Airborne Infantry Outfit that Deploys from Galaxys and other Aircraft.

All DOG Warriors have a Primary Military Operations Specialty {MOS} of Light Assault Class Level 10 {LAC 10} and advance to Level 60, in as many as 3 different Sub Specialties of light Assault.

All DOG Warriors are required to train Infantry Classes to at least Level 10 in Engineer, Infiltrator, Medic, MAX, and Heavy Assault.

DOG Training is Required and provided in all Infantry Classes.

Knowledge of all Vehicles, recommended cert expenditure, Close Quarter Combat, team work, and Tactics are Trained.

We are a Military Style Type Unit, that offers leadership, no nonsense, No drama, small ego, Team Oriented Game play. Every one who wants to lead can prove their worth provided it it done within the Leadership Rule set of DOG and the team mindset in play.


We Train Together,
We Move Out Together,
We Stay Together,
We Fight Together,
We Kill Together,
We Die Together,
We Tap Together,
We Re-Spawn Together,
We Wait Together,
We Are A Team !!!!

SOLO players are expelled from DOG. They are not allowed. While we enjoy having elite players work with us, it is not necessary to be one. If you are selected to become a DOG, then you will not be allowed to run around like a mutt. We will make a pedigree out of you with completed training in the DOG way. Doberman, Rottweilers, and German Shepard preferred, but no dumb ass pit bulls, or ankle biter chihuahua. We want DOGS with brains, who can follow direction, and run in a pack.

DOG runs with other Outfits and is part of the United League Terran Republic Alliance {ULTRA) in Planetside 2.

Teamspeak 3 {TS3} is required for communications as it is better then Planetside 2 Voxx system.

We have a Web Site at

Any questions, you can contact me on this boards message system.

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