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[US - West] The Vanu Infiltration Unit

The Vanu Infiltration Unit

"What you can't see can hurt you"

Description: The Vanu Infiltration Unit focuses specifically on covert operations over open warfare.

Location: The outfit is based in the US West server (Thebe).

Requirements: A microphone isn't needed but is useful. You will need to be relatively good at the infiltrator but by no means do you need to be an expert. Remember, you can learn fast.


1) Don't be an arse
2) Don't purposefully provide the enemy with information about any operations
3) Be respectful to everyone. This includes people not in the outfit, AND the enemy.
4) If you are taking part in operations, stick with the group and follow orders.
5) Please try not to excessively use foul language or spam voice chat.

We offer to create a group of highly skilled players that can slip unnoticed through enemy lines and advance the front line of the battle.

Recruitment: To apply for access to this faction you need to post in this thread, supplying the following details: Battle Rank, Stealth Skill, Sniping Skill, Microphone, Availability, Age.

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