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Re: My main concern about the class system

There's always strength in numbers. No denying that.

You're also forgetting the long term problem with one role having access to a med app, engineering kit, and HA/AV: PS2's own cert system. Sure, one year in, maybe you've finally mastered the minigun, and it now spews rocklets, hundreds upon hundreds of laser guided rocklets, but then what's year 2? You'll eventually have a bitchin' med app too, just as I will eventually have a bitchin' minigun.

Classes are here for power control. No one person is supposed to be too powerful. They mentioned a 15-20% difference as their plan. That equation most likely includes class restrictions. A guy with a souped up HA and a souped up med-app on the same class is probably going to be bigger than 15-20%, unless the certs are so underwhelming no one gives a flying **** for them anyway.

On the note of the long term... newbs may never catch up, especially the later they join, but at least due to the class system, they won't simply be mice against 5 year old lions.

And I've only feared a lightning when I'm stupid enough to be caught alone by one. Most of them can't drive and gun at the same time (highlighting it's true weakness.) Mad props to the pros whom can, whom seem to be extremely rare.

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