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Re: Prosieben is listening to the European Community

Originally Posted by Figment View Post
Granted, "special EU content" may also simply refer to something harmless like specific cosmetics or events (as I mentioned in another thread... lederhosen beerfests - I mean those guys ARE situated in Munich).

However, if it's not properly sealed contractually, interpretation may cause problems. And remember, it's not the baby of these guys, it's their new cash cow. They have different emotions, motives and ethics regarding the properties they acquire.
Yeah, ethics is exactly the word I'd use too. And based on the research I've done today, if Soe have sold the rights for Pro7 to introduce their own content to the game, do not be surprised to see extortionate game-breaking items and real cash costs for even threw most basic of tasks. If the way they've handled the EU version of S4 League is any indication that is exactly what we're looking at. I don't want to borrow trouble and hopefully this won't be an issue but everyone should understand the stakes here.
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