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Re: Prosieben is listening to the European Community

Originally Posted by somers View Post
I suppose you are right then... but we should seriously wait before judging even based on past experiences with Smedley and SOE.
Well and here is the issue (and my final post of the night) there is nothing we can do, but wait. All of our complaining and moaning will do nothing, the idea that SOE actually want our feedback is also absurd, they just want us to feel like we matter (which we obviously don't) so we have two choices. Either a) wait and just accept whatever happens to the game we love, with the knowledge that we could possibly watch it get eviscerated by some media corporation who doesn't give a shit about PlanetSide and even less of one about us. Or b) wait until the time comes and then try like hell to get out from under this second-rate German TV channel doing their 'amateur-hour MMO publisher impersonation' and get onto one of the US servers with the rest of your clan.

As you might have guessed, I've already made my choice.
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