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The Seraphim - A No-Profanity guild

Hi all,

I am starting up a multi-server Christian guild called the Seraphim. Our roots lie within the Mechwarrior Online game but we are expanding to other games like War Thunder and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

So who are we?

A group of like-minded people who want to enjoy the game without having to listen to profanity (I realize this game is a bit different because of the in-game voice comms) and being in a family-friendly environment. We do not taunt or troll and self-centered attitudes also infringe our Code of Honor.

The command structure is unique too, instead of squad members serving their commander, it is the commander who washes the feet of their squad.

The Seraphim is like a big family of people and we understand that everyone comes from all walks of life. We own our own TeamSpeak server so that we can all enjoy having our own comm system without having to worry about profanity or harassment.

Do you have to be Christian in order to join? The answer to that is NO. As long as you can put up with us and follow our Code of Honor, you're just as welcome as anyone else

Like what you see? Come on over and check us out!

Lt. RapidFire
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