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Ranged battles weren't hurt by snipers in PS1, they were hurt by MA rifles being so shitty at longer range, due to high TTK, noteworthy damage degradation, mediocre accuracy, warping, etc.

I'm fine with snipers having tracers or not, depending on what ends up being the most balanced. But what I'd really like to see is for rifles to be able to compete with snipers at all but the longest ranges, at which range snipers are going to have to work extra hard for their shots anyways.
Shouldn't be as big of an issue. The major problem was the armor absorption on Rexo, which pretty much meant all max range MA shots went to armor, which meant the player with MA had to whittle through 300+ hitpoints at 10 damage per shot or so.

In PS2, no absorption that I know of, and cloakers are a pretty weak class. I'm betting they are the ones with the sniper rifle specifically to make counterfire more effective.

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