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If you really hate snipers so much then take up the mantle of the countersniper and stop whining and start getting revenge. Every effective squad should have 2 snipers for counter sniping purposes and for scouting, softening enemy defenses before entry. If you can depend on your counter sniper to have your back you should be fine.

I'm a sniper, but I only snipe normal infantry when there aren't other snipers around that I can go toe to toe with.
I don't hate snipers. I do think the tracer is fine as is, though, and serves as a fine balance for their great range advantage.

If you're worried about giving your position away to air and cloakers, and don't like repositioning, I might recommend making friends with an AA max and an engineer with cloak detection. If you just want to be lone wolf sniper from the same spot constantly, I'm not sure what to tell you.

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