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Re: Sniper rifle trail

Originally Posted by ArcIyte View Post
No thanks, that runs the risk of giving them a fun sniper duel. I'll give them the same gift they give infantry by farming them in my mosquito.
lol and us snipers respect that. But now I'm just wondering, if everything is supposed to be fair, then when you happen to sneak up behind an enemy, do you tap them on the shoulder and ask for a proper firefight? Lord knows he's just waiting to be farmed if you got behind him, haha.

Back on topic:
I think the real issue is if the tracer round is going to go away, finding a different sacrifice is necessary. As a sniper, we still want the range and damage, but I think I can speak for the rest of us when we say we'd happily sacrifice time instead. Give us back the targeting reticule or put in a mechanic where we have to take the time to set up a steady shot, without us being able to move even the crosshairs too much. That makes it so that we can't easily involve ourselves in a normal firefight from such great distance and we'd pretty much have to focus on finding a stationary target.

Would there be a way to make it so that the tracer started halfway through the shot instead of going all the way to the sniper rifle? Or three quarters the way, that way people will still know the direction of the sniper, just not the actual area.
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