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Originally Posted by Bobby Shaftoe View Post
I'm not sure about your logical leap there... considering in PS1 people said there were too many MAXs, especially after all the bundles/increase BRs in the game. That particular situation occured due to mid/late game-life developments, this now 'in-game' right from the start.

This in combination with split weapons and engies with ranged repair whilst moving doesn't bode well for there being much variety in indoor/short range infantry combat.

Inb4 the usual 'It's still alpha/beta, they'll balance/tweak it!' catechism that gets flung about whenever someone brings up valid concerns, without actually offering any suggestions as to how it would be 'balanced'.

1.) Everyone has them (Everyone is cool with BR40 for some reason); doubtful getting changed.
2.) Split weapons, AV + AI, lets you deal with any prime threat in a short range/indoor environment; doubtful this would change since every faction is now dual weapon equipped.
3.) Range repairs whilst moving, Engies; Would appear to be an integral 'facet' of the 'faster' gameplay methods they want to promote for PS2. Different rep rate multiplier for MAXs compared to other equipment possible?

So what you're stuck with is essentially 'balancing' MAXs through a specific ability of another class, before you even take into account the 'perks/bonuses' from certs within each of the two class trees and before you even go into cross Empire balance.

Gonna be fun seeing Lasher 2.0 playing out across multiple weapons/equipment combinations.
Well, that is a good point, I didn't quite think it from the "after 9 years from launch" kinda ending, more like pre-BR increase kinda thing. If there were too many MAXs then, there will certainly be that now when nobody will have to even put 1 cert point into the thing, so the logical leap was trying to be that there is likely to be more of them on the field at least earlier on than last time, so it wouldn't hurt for them to be a bit weaker too.

Also, I'd sorta suppose that you are gonna need a dual-setup to be as effective in one role in comparison to PS. TTKs naturally are different, but I doubt you are suddenly a really high threat for two things if you have for example AI and AA. Sure, you can still kill both (at least infantry it seems), but you are gonna be a lot more effective by taking the same setup on both hands. At least that's very much how it should be balanced. Either you do two things in a mediocre fashion or one thing really good.

Not necessarily related to this thread, but did anyone catch how do you reload the MAX weapons? I mean, you have two weapons that can be shot individually, how do you reload them? I suppose it's not just pressing "R", cos then it would reload both and we saw weapons being reloaded individually.

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