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Re: The PlanetSide 2 on Playstation 4 MEGA THREAD

Despite the disinterest for having planetside 2 on PS4 vs PC combination. I was actually looking forward to that addition, many console gamers I know who i've shown planetside 2 to were awed at the scale of the player base involved in battles. Let alone the scale of the continent based battlefield. They have little interest in building a PC to play vids on (for shame).

I was a touch excited to hear PS2 being announced to hit PS4, only to be dismayed that my console buddies won't be able to cross platform with the PC servers. The additional injection of an entire new genre of players to the game would only serve to increase the games overall population/popularity. Instead of creating 2 seperated communities for the game.

So.. i'm a bit disappointed by this move.
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