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Re: Physx makes the game crash to desktop

Originally Posted by Levente View Post
lets try to delete the useroption.ini and just use the ingame ultra settings with physx off
i already tried deleting the ini, i tried resetting nvidia controls to factory defaults, i tried overclocked and standard settings, and my computer has more fans than the rolling stones.

i also tried different ps2 settings, but the only thing that helps is turning off physix. without physix crashes to desktop happen about once per hour, sometimes i can play up to 2 hours.

with physix on i crash immediately after first spawn, and when i restart the game i can play for about 20-30 minutes, then crash again. EVERY time.

i find it very interesting, that after starting up my computer, i ALWAYS crash to desktop seconds after spawning, but when starting the game a second time i can play for 30 minutes before i crash again.
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