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Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
Here's the OF thread for all your WDS info needs:

This is a feature aimed at the outfits, those that want a victory condition, and something to drive more strategic thinking and goals. In other words it's a feature that would be helpful to get constructive feedback on from the PS1 vets and outfit/empire leadership players.
The thing is, planetside 1 managed to achieve a sense of accomplishment and immersion without using artificial (and in this case also rather intangible and external) mechanics. Unfortunately planetside 2 in its current state (without having an intercontinental lattice to begin with) cannot achieve these effects. Basically WDS is just another form of "alert" in that regard, a tacked-on system that feels a bit out of place and more suited to "classic" lobby shooters.
So beyond that, i don't really know what to say from a "vets perspective".

WDS is ok, and i appreciate the effort put into it, but it can only serve so much as a substitute for the "real thing".

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