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Re: WDS awareness?

I think you're right about the general state of combat in the game.

I've always thought there should be...

1) Less bases.
2) More space between bases that is necessarily contested by vehicles. However when you reached the bases...
3) Base conquest was more interesting and inhospitable to vehicle camping. We could all write pages on this...

* I just feel like the approach SOE has taken... lots of bases.... quick and easy to conquer... doesn't necessarily = no fun. People didn't like being bogged down in BioLabs because they fights tended to stalemate in teleport rooms... and were dull.... not because they were just averse to fighting for a while to conquer something.

4) The ability for outfits to own, upgrade, customize, do-interesting-things-with bases... then be rewarded for continuous control... maybe have published records for each base.

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