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Greetings all,

I guess where we come from tells a lot about who we are. Here's how I arrived at

I am an EvE Online player. I love the game. As you all probably know, DUST 514 will be coming to the PS3 soon - I personally can't wait. Since it's not out yet, I wanted to play something with the same feeling - a strong, teamwork-central persistent FPS with lots of players. Other forums I have been on recommended PlanetSide as a very good "MMO-FPS."

Eager to try the game, I read on your site about the (now outdated) trial program and the "buddy/key" program. I now understand that both of those programs are gone.

Either way, I'd like to try the game. I've been trying to sign up, read through the "Install Guide" and, well, can't seem to get Sony to take my money. This is my first experience with SOE and the Station launcher, but every time I try to go to a "subscribe" page, the website has some error, 404's, etc.

I know this isn't a technical support thread, so can someone please refer a new user to a place where I can post my troubles? I'd like to try this game out. If I can get signed up, you'll have one very straight-shooting, sneaky soldier who's good at following orders.

Thank you all for you help, and I look forward to meeting more of you.

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