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Re: Jimmy Whisenhunt Joins PlanetSide 2 Team

Originally Posted by Higby View Post
Guys he's not here to change PlanetSide 2 into CS, or make an eSport, he's here to help us make our weapons FEEL awesome, balanced and competitive. Having a competitive FPS player on the team is going to help us out a lot.

I believe we can all agree now that this is going to be a huge competitive fps game and I for one welcome it. So Jimmy might not be there to make it as esport but I think plenty of other people are already there helping with that. Looking forward to esport planetside 2. Love comptitive small play. Small being less than 72. That will really shut some of these zergfits up about who is the best outfit.

Not sure why Higby didn't come out and just say it month ago instead of posting this misleading quote.
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