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Re: Jimmy Whisenhunt Joins PlanetSide 2 Team

Originally Posted by Dogbolta View Post
$$ may also have a lot to do with who is hired and who isnt.
Could have been the cheapest of the bunch.

And if more useless CS players means more targets then thats ok by me.
Bet the forum mods had no say in it tho. :P
..but the problem is though, that if this CS/COD player has heavy enough influence on how the game plays, then the mechanics will sway in the CS/COD player's favor and WE will become useless- actually, not useless, as I can play those games as well, I just don't find them fun. -WE would become bemused by the major shift towards the same twitch play that runs rampant in most shooters today, and that currently precludes tactical movement in bf3.

I might be assuming too much, and this Jimmy guy may behave himself and actually suggest things that make PS2 infantry combat LESS like COD, CS, and bf3 -but I have a feeling that this is not the case.
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