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PlanetSide 1's New Anti-Hack and Reporting System

Members of the PlanetSide community have designed their own anti-hack tools to help deal with the threat of cheaters. As a result, hacking in PlanetSide has been almost non-existant for the last few months.

Additionally, the community has also set up a report system in the PSForever Discord server (Join link:

The report system contacts the community administrators even if they are not at their PC. This will allow them to be notified immediately so they can be online as soon as possible to deal with any problems and ensure fair play.

To report hackers, join the PSForever Discord server, and use the !report command. In your report, leave the name and faction of the hacker, and the cheat being used.

!report Bob on NC - ROF Hack
!report Barcode Hacker on TR - Pull Hack
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