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Re: Santorum Drops Out

One thing you won't see in a democratic primary is what has been happening now. It has all been about who is more conservative than the other. That is about one of the dumbest arguments ever. This primary has not really been about who has better policies, but who the tea party will like more. Because when it comes to the general election, all that matters is the tea party and the extreme right, right?

This primary has forced Romney, who had a better chance, go more towards the far right just to get the crazy vote. That will hurt him in the long run. I believe one can flip flop on certain issues given a decent explanation. But Romney, has flip flopped on issues just to try to appeal to other voters. He will win the primary but will have a tough time in the general election. What will hurt him more is if it goes to the convention, that will only be taking more time away from campaigning in the general election.

On a side note, I was curious to see what a porn prohibition would have been like.

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