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Originally Posted by Figment View Post
Well then, let's abolish taxes all together and trust on the egocentrism of people to do the right thing and allow them to decide just how much money they hand over to the government or to community projects. Regardless of how much money they have.

If you truly believe that works, you have absolutely no sense of judgement of people. Though that's quite apparant anyway.
I don't think you read that Malorn has belief that there should be SMALL government - not NO government.

So you can adjust your judgement and accusations that direction.

while also ignoring that centralised government makes for a smaller government as state governments have everything double, where you prefer over 50 same job departments over one with subsidiaries for proper execution on a state level.
A smaller government, huh? Okay, let's assume that you're correct (when you're not). If the accountability goes to the lower denominator - the states, where people actually live where these laws are passed... By all means I would pay more temporarily to hold people accountable in my own state and get the Federal bureaucracy out of it.

Do you realize what you're saying? You're saying you want one big government. One big government that is centralized. One place where all the decisions are made. One place where the religious right can try to trounce on the rights of all people. One place where Monsanto can slime their way in to get their crops ignored by the nations Food and Drug Administration. One place where they can ruin our children's future with something like No Child Left Behind. One place where those in power can strip ALL of our rights one by one and have a force so vast and fortresses so tall that you can't say boo about it.

Is that what you want? If you separate where and how laws are passed, it makes it harder for these groups to come and take over the country. They would have to take it over state by state instead.

Divided we fall, together we suffocate. Work as a team, stay separate, and we prosper. They're treading all over us and you're grinning and asking for more.
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