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Originally Posted by Shanesan View Post
I don't think you read that Malorn has belief that there should be SMALL government - not NO government.

So you can adjust your judgement and accusations that direction.
Understand sarcasm in the context of his quote. He claims that if people want to give money away they can right now. The argument comes down to him saying there is no need to make people pay taxes, because they would pay the government anyway. He doesn't understand that taxes for ALL people intead of relying on philantropy is actually fair as it makes sure everyone contributes their bit, especially if they've got an overabundance of money.

He's deliberately ignoring the point or pretending he doesn't get it as he is continuously replying to and with a stupidity, as usual.

Secondly, A smaller government, huh? Okay, let's assume that you're correct (when you're not).
By default, I am correct as one government body for general things is smaller than 52 who all have their own administration sections, their own template and form design, etc, etc, etc. You're doing things over 50 times now which could easily be done by one body.

If the accountability goes to the lower denominator - the states, where people actually live where these laws are passed... By all means I would pay more temporarily to hold people accountable in my own state and get the Federal bureaucracy out of it.

Do you realize what you're saying? You're saying you want one big government. One big government that is centralized. One place where all the decisions are made. One place where the religious right can try to trounce on the rights of all people. One place where Monsanto can slime their way in to get their crops ignored by the nations Food and Drug Administration. One place where they can ruin our children's future with something like No Child Left Behind. One place where those in power can strip ALL of our rights one by one and have a force so vast and fortresses so tall that you can't say boo about it.
Do you realise what I'm saying? No, you don't as you think from your current republican federal state of being. I'm thinking from a democracy point of view.

Consider that I would suggest a government of actual percentile representation. The religious extremist would be a stupidly small group to consider then. You know, where your vote goes to the person you voted for and not to that of the other party because they got more locals rooting for them and politically applied district lines do not matter AT ALL in determining the outcome of elections.

Is that what you want? If you separate where and how laws are passed, it makes it harder for these groups to come and take over the country. They would have to take it over state by state instead.
No, in my setup they would have to take over the populace of the entire nation at once, where they could not gain control over the state ("province level") of most parts of the nation, nor the nation itself, because they'd be a non-factor in the overall elections.

Divided we fall, together we suffocate. Work as a team, stay separate, and we prosper. They're treading all over us and you're grinning and asking for more.
Do you know the saying: Divide and conquer? The main reason the religious extreme bothers you so much is because you ARE divided as a nation.
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