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Unfortunately, the flow of the game is pretty different compared to the situation you described. People don't drop at a back door, and look for trees to cover them while a hacker hacks the door open.

Most of the time, they drop from light aircraft, phantasms or galaxies as close as possible to the backdoor. In the time between the door and you departing your aircraft is the 'golden time' for the attackers to get mown down by aircraft, tanks and any defenders on the wall.
You're describing a heavy battle where everyone runs around with guns blazing.

I was describing the beginning of a battle when the enemy tries, always tries to stealthily come in the back door from a ground vehicle. Besides, I placed myself near the backdoor and was also watching for droppers.

Playing guns-a-blazing frontal assault gets boring after a while, ya know.

And for the 100th time, there is no counter to the OS, EMP OS, or mini OS.

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