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Lythca Frost
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Auric Eclipse [GOLD] - Connery NC

Connery - New Conglomerate
Status: Selective Recruiting

Who are Auric Eclipse?

Tired of the Zerg Hivemind? Take the Red Pill and Discover the Wonders of Tactical Precision!

Auric Eclipse is an outfit that knows what Planetside is really about. First established in early beta, GOLD has become a leading outfit on Connery. We understand that even the mightiest Zerg Force can be broken through the use of organization and tactics when backed by Solid Leadership and Skilled Players. We don't search for the good fights, we create them.

We have become proficient with every method of combat Planetside 2 has to offer. We'll often pull armor columns or mixed fighter/bomber squadrons when the circumstance permits, though our real passion lies with mechanized infantry. Using Sunderer or Galaxy transport for a rapid response to the dynamic battlefield, when our boots hit the ground things become substantially more complicated for the TR and VS.

Don't be mistaken though, while we're professional when the empire needs us, we also know how to joke around and have a good time. Auric has even gone as far as perfecting Knife Fight Competitions and Liberator Wrestling! There is a time for Tactial and Casual Play, and we know when to do which.

Auric Eclipse's Elite Gold Team Gearing Up

Our Place on The Server:

We've been around since the beginning, with several Planetside 1 Veterans among our ranks. As such we've etched a comfortable place for ourselves on the server. We are on good terms with several NC Outfits, recognized and respected by many TR and VS groups, and a founding member of the Auraxian Rebel Alliance (ARA). Along with cofounders Praetorian Guard and Outfit X we are able to muster the force needed to turn around even the most dire of situations. Our combined emphasis of fast response time has resulted in the resecure of facilities already written off by the NC.

But it's easy to boast right? Here are the stats:

An average BR of 35, placing us at one of the higher ranked outfits on Connery for average experience. While I'll be the first to say that might not mean much with regard to effectiveness, the majority of our playerbase have been around the block a few times, picking up some tricks along the way. Make sure to check out the rest of our stats if you are interested.

To sum it up, along with our allies, we try to fill the void of tactical gameplay that seems to plague the NC masses on Connery. We've been stranded on Auraxis long enough to know when things go well and when they don't. Most importantly, we know when and how to play professionally.

Connery's Knife Kill Leader in Action

Recruitment Process:

So you like how we sound, but not sure how to go about applying? We have you covered.

We recruit through several methods and examine the full context of each candidate, no single poor stat will make you ineligible. For example, some people are great at killing and others at supporting those around them. With that said, we'd prefer people of at least BR30. The reason for this is to simply ensure that you are an active player, many get sick of the game in those first 30 and stop playing, we don't want that.

The potential applicant should acknowledge the fact we are an extremely teamwork oriented group. If you are a solo player and happy to follow the Zerg all the time, you need not apply. If you are tired of being disorganized and would like to approach this game in a tactical manner, we might be for you. However, we know that type of play can be tiring if done all the time, so we aim for a good mix of the gameplay spectrum.

With regard to classes, we will not force you to cert into a specific role, you are free to skill in any direction you want. However, there will be times when we need a certain class in a squad or a particular vehicle pulled. If you are in our squad at that time, you will be expected to comply to the situational demands. In the end, we are pretty lenient when it comes to this stuff.

So you're still reading? Good. How to Apply:

1) Visit and submit an application/register to the site.

2) Shoot some friend requests to Lythca, Escher777, Zhatt, Sinjhin, and Temple. They will then contact you for squad invites.

3) Be sure you have mumble set up and running 1.2.3 or 1.2.4 version.

Lastly, if you're not quite BR30 we are willing to make exceptions in the right circumstances. Just be sure to really show why we should take you aboard, once again we are contextual about this.

Well, that's enough talk soldier, we'll see you on Auraxis!

Lythca Frost
Chief Executive
Auric Eclipse
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