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Originally Posted by MaxDamage View Post
But can organised effort really make a difference next to the natural ebb and flow of the war?
Well I think thats the problem, there was no ebb and flow. There was just flow. Too much focus on exp grind which led to steamrolling around continents flipping bases and noone defended, cause holding a base did nothing for you but give a spawn point. It is an orchestrated effort to get people to defend the bases that they have.

Some would suggest that this is working, people are defending bases, but now noone is really moving around much. most just camping the highest populated continent cause that's where the "points" are earned and that's where the bodies are to shoot at.

From Malorn's post, they're going to put some points into Alerts so that people will continent hop on occasion and then the Alert cont will be the highest populated cont til the next alert.

An organized effort can make the flips on the bases where opposition has a foothold. But if you happen to be the faction with the preferred warpgate and have a big population, then you're getting more points, just defend and hold out against the seige as long as you can. Everyone complaining about WDS says the faction with North Indar WG wins. Everyone stays on Indar cause its the high population as the North Indar WG has easiest defense of most of the northern territores so the faction owning it has most of their people there defending. Simply put, its a numbers game.
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