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Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
If enough players leave indar to fight for the alert then it is the alert continent that gains the point value, not Indar.

This is why we added the ability to award points for winning alerts. We haven't enabled it yet due to negative stigma and culture that has developed around Alerts, and because we need to see the scoring results so we can come up with a good value for them.

To correct this problem we want to make sure Alerts are worth enough that if you avoid them you are handing a lot of points to another empire, and if you attend and lose you are at least earning a lot of points due to enemy population shift to the Alert continent.
Alerts are still a joke and just go to whoever has the highest population. People can look at a map where the alert is on and tell who is going to win just by the population numbers and who controls the map. While I was playing a NC character on Mattherson, it was just painful. Not only are the NC inept from organizing, they are on the bottom of the barrel when it comes to population. The times when they are above, there might be maybe one or two fights to even play at while the rest of the continents are completely empty. Alerts and the WDS are not solutions to any of the population imbalances/extremely low populations and the lack of wanting to do anything other than kill people.

Played a little bit on Connery since they are the highest pop server and omg the lag. So much lag I just said fuck this. Those optimizations better be good enough to merge waterson and mattherson or I guarantee people will continue to leave. No one wants to invest money in a game where they can barely find a fight or when they get to a good one, everything just lags and their fps goes to shit. I might add that at least on Connery, you weren't getting killed by random players who are in the top 1% of all players... Funny how all those MLG PRO top players flock to Mattherson..

When I did play and there was an alert, the territory control went to the highest population and the biolab alert went again, to the highest population. We had one biolab and there just were not enough NC on to even hold 1 base... The easiest to defend I might add. There was no "tacticool tactics" involved in taking that base, just numbers and that is what overwhelmed us.

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