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Re: Smed tweets about 64 bit

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Ok, time for the experts to answer. . . . . .

I know 64bit increases the addressable memory by, mmm, oooh, well let's say quite a bit. 32bit can only address 3 Gb or so without some switching so why would a 64 bit client be needed?

Are they intending to increase the size of the client????
64 bit would allow them to load more content into RAM rather than swapping things in and out to disk so much. It's not really 64 bit either. We technically don't use 64 bit processors unless you have an Itanium which has 64 data lines. 64 bit we use has some internal 64 bit registers but still doesn't even address the full amount of memory 64 bit gives you but it is substantially more than 32.
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