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Re: [PSA] What are your top 3 bases or outposts in PlanetSide 2?

Originally Posted by Cruciall View Post
not gonna judge ,but by looking at your kd, and knowing you think a bio lab is a war of attrition makes me think you should look for a some new outfits to joinThe outfits i played with really didnt have any problems taking labs.
all the other bases were a waste of time and money.Bio labs are the only bases they got right,
It is a war of attrition and using his K/D as a point of arguement further cements your "Strawman" arguement style.

I'm an NC Max centric player .. and I avoid biolab fights as they are stale .. and rather boring. Thats coming from a class that should normally dominate .. and love these fights for stat padding .. but honestly its just boring pouring bullets down an alleyway waiting for other idiots to walk into a line of fire. The Biolabs are FAR from the epitome of awesome, but they have their place in the game, and while I'll happily fight in/for one, I'd also happily avoid it.
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