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Re: [PSA] What are your top 3 bases or outposts in PlanetSide 2?

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Attacking my stats and repeating over and over again that I need to "play with better outfits" is a poor argument. Like I said, I've played with all the top outfits on Connery, hell I've played with all the shit ones too. I've probably run with more outfits than you have, and condescendingly calling me a "new player" and acting like I don't understand how the game works is idiotic, considering I have over 350 hours of gameplay under my belt (Vanu account is not linked).

So, instead of dodging my points and attacking me personally, perhaps you should address my actual argument. Because I'm nice, I'll even re-iterate it for you:

@Doug: It is a battle of attrition. You're absolutely right in that there is no literal limitation of manpower, but while bullets and respawning bodies are infinite, willpower is not. In PS2, battles end when the attackers either take the base or pull out and go for a softer target somewhere else. Thus, it's not attrition of resources so much as its an attrition of will. Despite everyone having infinite lives, players can only "respawn, jump into the breach, die, respawn, jump into the breach, die, respawn" so many times before they collectively say fuck it and go somewhere else.
I agree 100% all good outfits zerg the breach in bio labs, it takes 0 skill and only requires will and numbers.

I only have close to 2000 hrs played in ps2,and I come from a competitive fps background so you will have to mind my stupid COD inspired manners.Just a fyi,competitive outfits dont use planetside 2 official stats.they are garbage..
they use competitive stat tracking sites.where its very easy to see what kind of player you are. KD is true, a death is a death no matter what, accuracy on weapons,accuracy on head shots, points per min, points per hour, so on so forth. they break everything down. so if your stat padding , its easy to see that your just a poser or legit.

Ok who was the one that revamped amerish ? was that Cleg? The bases on amerish were done over right. But like many others they are hit or miss.I have had great fights at every single base in this game , but they are rare. How many times have you spawned into a outpost or base that you like and the first thing you see is a armor parking lot,all facing the spawn room.A swarm of aircraft hovering like pros spamming everything,and you say to your self well this is a shittt fight. Like i said they are hit or miss.

Bio labs were done right.I love any base in this game where a good fight can be had, but when the scrubs are about spamming buildings and spawn rooms I say F it and leave and find another fight. Sad thing is, I spend more time looking than playing

checked a few stats, I have over 2750 hrs played to date.So i guess 350 hrs played would just make you a new player compared to someone like me... fyi the time above dose not reflect on time spent in beta, or on the PTS.

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