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Re: Cont Lock finally?

No, I am playing a balanced game that gives people a sporting chance to win. If we let any strategy go, we start getting cheap no-skill tactics like that.
that sounds like scrubspeak to me. i really don't think it was cheap no-skill tactics to place and defend spawnpoints in the best possible places. i think the no skill comes from the development side; they can't come up with something better than a zerg camping a spawn - despite two solid years of player feedback and thousands of complaints at every nerf to base defense.

and it isn't just no deploy zones, it's everything defense related. first they ruined Tech Plants. then the Crown. then let's not forget the lattice, which so many wanted for nostalgia reasons but for no attainable design goals. the hex system had problems, sure, but rather than address those, they gave up and put in 5 different weak solutions to symptoms of the larger issue that still plagues the game today.

and this type of scrubbish talk about people using "cheap" tactics that make total sense within the confines of the environment? that explains everything. you know what was cheap tactics? putting in OP weapons and/or vehicles for the sales, and then nerfing them so much that they have no use after sales plateaued.
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