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Re: Daybreak Games Hit With Layoffs, Matt Higby resigns

Originally Posted by Zeta View Post
Why does it always seem to turn into anti-PS1, or PS2 or PS1 vs PS2 around here? PS1 should have NOTHING to do with it. PS2 was sparse from day 1, and no one was wrong for calling them out on it.

PS2 doesn't have to be exactly like PS1, but if anyone made any comparisons between the two then how was that not to be expected or naive to think otherwise, considering it was the games predecessor?

PS2 needed to be much more than just a giant TDM, and it's at a much better state now than it was at release, but it stayed broken for WAY too long after FAR too short a Beta before they even started to address many of the problems. By then so many people had already left.

Just 3 months after releasing the game they were already announcing the first server merges. That's concerning from the start, and its lack of depth/variety had nothing to do with a lack of advertising. People knew about the game, but player retention has always been an issue as the game has always been hemorrhaging new players.
tbh, I never expected ps2 to be the same as ps1, I only expected there would be a few top line attributes that would stay the same across both games.

For example, there had to be the three empires, it had to be a persistent world and it had to be large scale.

The other must-have in my view was a strategic meta game. Now that meta game didn't have to be the same as ps1 but there had to be something there done differently, what that would be I don't know. But we have had two attempts from the devs, Events and WDS of which to my mind Events worked best - but I haven't seen anything that worked better than the inter-continental lattice (ICL) of ps1.

Now I've seen Malorn say that the ICL won't work in ps2 and I accept that, but it's a shame there's no other idea being put forward. (This is the point when someone says Figgy made a suggestion x months ago).

Also, there's features in ps2 that I accepted until after playing for some time that I turned against. Resources is one example of that. I think the purpose was to restrict access to vehicles and to give a reason to take up a subscription, but the problem was it didn't work.

Overall however, I can't criticise the devs for trying something different. We know PS1 was only a very minor success and we know Battlefield is a major success so it's only natural to at least try to give the greater mass of people what they appear to want.
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