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Re: Daybreak Games Hit With Layoffs, Matt Higby resigns

Originally Posted by Muldoon View Post
I'm unaware of any community council on Planetside 2. I'm not a designer, so I might be a bit out of the loop. And I haven't heard of us using any sort of NDA on Planetside in a loooong time.
We had several people on the Community Council for PlanetSide since 2010. Did it for three years myself. Unfortunately we didn't get to chat to devs at the time.

Asking devs to work for free is a huge task. Most people don't like working for free, usually you have to offer them money. And getting devs outside the company into a place where they could work for free would be effort on Daybreak's part.

Unfortunately I will not provide any contact details of former devs. I barely know any of them. If you happen to find any on your own, go ahead and shoot them an email/tweet/what-have-you.
Heh well yeah I can imagine it would be and fully understand you don't (nor expected you to) share that sort of thing (right away) anyway. Besides, there'd need to be a company plan, though of course, it would be possible to first see if there'd be interest among former devs to work on it in their off-hours before even considering such a plan.

I very much doubt they would come together anywhere any time soon though. I'd more imagine a sort of "work from home" situation, whenever they'd feel like it (but being offered the chance to if they would want to) and organise themselves. Meh.

I wonder how the people who work on Europa Universalis IV MEIOU Mods work together on it. I presume through dropbox type setups.

I understand you are very passionate about Planetside, but what you want might not be possible, at least right now. Maybe one day.
Eh. Never hurts to ask.
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