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Quake 3 wasn't fast paced, UT was. Quake 3 was actually pretty slow by comparison to other games, slower than Half-life or any of its 48579387593847593.2034 mods. The way I see it, no headshots means no aimbotting 10 year olds, and the fewer of those I see, the fewer anger management classes I need to take.

Location specific damage has been cheap since its institution, it's a perfect game mechanic for single player but totally ruins multiplayer. It makes games a lot less fair, for n00b and 1337 h4x0r alike. In a game with location specific damage, people hold still and take careful aim, that's more precise but less active. In a game without it, however, the focus is more on the active elements and there's more run-n-gun action. I happen to prefer run-n-gun, that's why I was happy to hear them say PlanetSide won't have location specific damage, and I really do hope they never put it in. Video game combat=fun, real life combat=not fun. Why would you want to make the two more alike?
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